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Photos - Sydney East (continued)

Double Bay


We saw excellent jacaranda trees shed purple leaves in Allawah and Kirribilli. In Stafford Street, Double Bay, we saw why the tipuana tree is nicknamed the “yellow jacaranda”.

Dover Heights


Whoever invented these Dover Heights hills should be castigated. This one is in Dover Road.

Dover Heights


Dudley Page Reserve in Military Road, on top of a reservoir in Dover Heights, offers a reasonable view of Sydney city with the the world-famous Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. The latter is the world's widest large-scale, heaviest single arch and largest steel arch bridge.

Dover Heights


Dover Heights offers walkers plenty of choice, especially in Wentworth Street.

Dover Heights


Next to the ocean cliffs at Dover Heights is a spectacular walking area that doesn’t have the renown it deserves. This section, accessed at Oceanview Avenue, is free of pathways.

Dover Heights


At this spot in Dover Road, Dover Heights, Alan’s photo was taken for an article about him in “Who” magazine.



White City tennis courts, former battleground for Davis Cup and Australian tennis championships, now faces a battle against development.
Update: it lost.



Old house: It survived in Edgecliff for 150 years, but this South Street gem has lost the battle. ((Photo courtesy Morris Stocker - taken during the 2007 Seniors' Week Walk led by Alan)

Elizabeth Bay


Unfortunately some people think that the El Alamein Fountain (a war memorial) is a sculpture about the Kings Cross drug problem with its related needle issues.

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