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This site is primarily about an unusual collection of over 6,200 photos of Sydney taken whilst walking Sydney streets.

We would also like to link to similar sites world-wide as we discover them or when you (the visitors) let us know about them. We are also including links to some sites that we have found useful.
  So please email us (see Contact Us) with your information or just to say hello!


Our Related Site:

School Mottos

This website is about the ABC of school mottos: Aimless, Bizarre and Clever. It originated from Alan Waddell's walking every street of nearly 300 Sydney suburbs. He enjoyed discovering the unusual – the odd features of gardens, streets, art, signs, mailboxes, fences and rubbish. Dominant around Sydney are the school mottos. There are over 1,285 photos of school mottos collected on these pages showing the effort and challenge involved in putting a school's aims into as few meaningful words as possible, often with strange results.


Sites of Interest:

Mirror Sydney
This blog is an album of encounters in and with places in the city and suburbs. It's a mixture of observations, psychogeography and cartography, with a focus on overlooked, forgotten, secret or unusual places within the city and especially the suburbs.


Amazing Australia
Our site covers most of Sydney; a site that covers the whole of Australia with all kinds of records from amazing achievements to the amazingly bizarre is www.amazingaustralia.com.au


New Zealand ElderNet:
Our combination of (very) senior citizens and activity is mirrored by a New Zealand site with loads of information for the elderly: www.eldernet.co.nz


Articles of Interest:

Hyperart Thomasson "Bridge to nowhere : The Sydney relics whose purposes are lost to time"
and "Unearthed relics of Sydney and a few hungry trees: readers go hunting"
By Tim Barlass

"We are talking Thomassons, more fully Hyperart Thomasson or Chogeijutsu Tomason, a type of conceptual art named by Japanese artist Akasegawa Genpei in the 1980s. It refers to a useless structure, piece of architecture or relic that has been preserved and has become a piece of art in its own way. They didn't start out as conceptual art but have morphed into something that is viewed as such. Sydney's full of them. There's some 20 different categories of Thomasson."

Having seen many oddities and unusal sights as we walk Sydney, this article aparked our interest.
See this page on our website for some of our Thomassons plus some near or humorous Thomassons.



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