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Photos - Sydney North (continued)

Oxford Falls


In Oxford Falls, another one of life's mysteries. Are they trying to rival Easter Island with quantity rather than quality?.
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Oxford Falls


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Oxford Falls


The owner of 995 Oxford Falls Road, Oxford Falls, and those opposite her sure go to a lot of trouble so that they don't miss an episode of Big Brother.

Oxford Falls


Spicer Road North, Oxford Falls, doesn't have your average suburban row of houses.

Oxford Falls


Oxford Falls Road, Oxford Falls, in flood during a drought.

Palm Beach

A great take on the Biblical story with Jonah's Restaurant on Bynya Road overlooking Whale Beach. Unfortunately it's really in the suburb of Palm Beach.



We think there might be some land for sale here in Glenvale Street, Parklea.

Pitt Town


Typical living in Pitt Town, although this one in Schofield Road includes the granny flat.
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Pitt Town


But development is changing much of this formerly rural suburb. What an excellent phone number though!
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Pitt Town


Football for oldies: you don't have to run so far to score at 13 Camellia Street, Pitt Town



What's behind the green wall that needs a new coat of paint? Walk down Phillip Road, Putney, to the Jetty Road corner of Morrison Bay Park to find out. (Yes, but you're the clever one. The others had to look twice.)

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