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Photos - Secrets - Gardens (continued)



Prince Charles Parade's rope garden



This Kyeemagh market garden (only partly shown here) is a big secret. Few people other than local residents are aware that such a huge garden area is only 500 metres from Sydney Airport and 9km from the city centre. The gardeners of a century ago did well in securing a cheap, long-term lease. See the huge range of vegetables from the pathway beside Muddy Creek.

Lalor Park


Activity plus in Jopling Crescent, Lalor Park

Lane Cove


World War II Kokoda Trail veteran Frank Atkinson and wife Loyse nurtured these azaleas that have blazed their own trail down busy Epping Road, Lane Cove North, for the last 50 years. (Information courtesy St Andrews Newsletter)

Lane Cove


As above

Lavender Bay


The view from this tower below Lavender Crescent, Lavender Bay, is of a remarkable garden created by Wendy Whiteley (the widow of famous Australian artist Brett Whiteley).
Read the article here about its history.
(See next two photos)

Lavender Bay


Wendy Whiteley (the owner of the house pictured here) has converted the former railways-owned dump opposite the house to this.
(Also see previous and next photo)

Lavender Bay


But we're only showing a tiny fraction of it.
(Also see previous two photos)



How many of us would give anything for this sign from Victoria Street East, Lidcombe?

Little Bay


A green avalanche roars as it thunders towards annihilating a house in Woonah Street, Little Bay.

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