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Photos - Secrets - Gardens (continued)

South Granville


In Bennett Street, South Granville, a garden packed with everything (also see below).

South Granville


Bennett Street’s Wendy and Stuart present Alan with a sample of their plethora of home-grown vegetables.

St Johns Park


Flowers are a riot of colour beside a Melbourne Avenue, St Johns Park, footpath. And you haven't seen the garden inside the fence!

St Johns Park


The drought has taken a stranglehold, but we’re relieved to discover that the Ellis Street, St Johns Park, desert has an oasis.

St Johns Park


Is Essendon Street, St Johns Park, Sydney's most immaculate for a combination of impeccable gardens, trees, lawns and houses?

St Johns Park


Fitzroy Close, St Johns Park, takes the prize for the most-manipulated tree.

St Johns Park


Runcorn Street is yet another St Johns Park area where as much attention is put into public space as for private property.

St Peters


And you’re keeping the garden area colourful like you promised?



A Stanmore resident maintains a colourful garden off his property and beside Clarendon Street. That alone would be most commendable, but he moves via wheelchair.

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