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Balmain East


The Zig Zag takes you from the bottom of Nicholson Street, Balmain East, to Mort Bay. During the early 1900s workers gathered along every “zig” and “zag” of the pathway to get work with the Adelaide Steamship Company, hence its name.




In a Richmond Road field in Colbee, Alan found huge hailstones that had fallen from a rainbow.

Connells Point


The sign at the entrance to this excellent boardwalk in Connells Point is partly hidden by bush, which is a pity since the work on constructing this mangroves treat is most impressive. Find it where Morshead Drive and Kyle Parade meet.



Is Alan down a square well? Is he in an old prison? No, he’s at the bottom of a moss-covered rock stairway in a reserve between Jeffrey Street Wharf, Kirribilli, and the prime minister’s home. For a view of the bridge, Opera House and Sydney city, you can’t do much better than from here.

Macquarie Links


The hardest thing about walking Macquarie Links is getting into it. You have to be a resident, visiting a resident or a golf club member to be admitted. Or you could try what was successful, after 15 minutes, for me: “I want to walk my 167th suburb.”

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