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Neutral Bay


Why arenít residents allowed in Phillip Street, Neutral Bay? (see next photo)

Neutral Bay



Old Guildford


The new footpath in Old Guildford’s Springfield Park was opened in early 2004. The path has passing bays for pedestrians. Or is there a secret solution to another of life’s little mysteries?

Phillip Bay



It's no secret that Botany Cemetery is in Phillip Bay - it covers about half the suburb. The secret is what's inside it. This Italian/Greek section is stunning, with well-kept graves all bearing fresh colourful flowers.



Why so many power poles? Find out in Shaft Street, Silverwater.
Oh, sorry, it's not worth your while making all the travel arrangements to visit Silverwater?
Well, to save time and expense - it is Energy Australia's training centre.



Take the track from Vaucluse Road, Vaucluse, to Shark Bay and you’ll be able to tell the folks back home that you climbed Mount Trefle. It’s no big deal for you, since the “mountain” is but a miniature knoll. If a 91-year-old can walk through this archway of trees to climb the mountain, so can you!

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