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Photos - Secrets - Water (continued)



Coogee Beach's tidy waves?

Currawong Beach


Currawong Beach is a suburb with virtually no residents.
(Also see the next two photos)

Currawong Beach


That's because it's only accessible by ferry.
(Also see the previous photo and the next photo)

Currawong Beach


And how many golf courses have you played on that you can only get to by ferry? It's a six-hole course.
(Also see the previous two photos)

Double Bay


You can, beside Kiaora Road, Double Bay

Double Bay


‘The Caring Elephant’ by renowned sculptor Anon. Exhibition sponsored by Sydney Water in Kiaora Road, Double Bay.

Dulwich Hill


We repeat the site requirements in Hercules Street, Dulwich Hill, to make sure you get the message.

Dulwich Hill


Is it just that I haven’t noticed before but do you see water flowing down a road in waves like this rather than ripples or a steady even flow?

Garnet Lane prefers generating waves to natural flowing after rain.

Dundas Valley


Is that the Council Waste Collection number?
I have a water container in my front yard. Could you pick it up sometime, please?
Is that a promise?
Oh, thank you. It's at the corner of Tilley Street and Manning Parade, Dundas Valley.

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