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To see this toilet in Lockhart Avenue, Balmain, in its natural surroundings, go to (Surprise)

Beverley Park


Burgess Street, Beverley Park, wins the award for Sydney’s nicest toilet.



It's easy to understand how Alan mistook this bidet for a fancy wash-basin. After all, it's in a very public place - the middle of O'Dea Reserve, Camperdown.



How clever is this business in Sea Ray Close, Chiswick! Doubly clever!

Crows Nest


The best example we have seen of the once-prevalent toilet, the Australian “dunny”, stands proudly in Falcon Lane, Crows Nest.

Crows Nest


Stop and go to the toilets just a few metres from one of the northern suburbs’ busiest intersections – yet hardly anyone knows they exist. They’re hidden in Clarke Lane, Crows Nest.

Dangar Island


Almost every Dangar Island toilet, like this one in Riverview Avenue, supervises the Hawkesbury River.

Dawes Point


Wait for me. I’m just going to climb down to the toilet. (If you’re needing to use it, it’s in George Street, Dawes Point, under the Sydney Harbour Bridge.)

Denistone West


It is good to see that there are still some examples of Australian icons that have not been torn down.
  This outside toilet and the rotary "Hills Hoist" clothesline are in Denistone West.

Georges Heights


Multiple choice question: Is this delightful spot (a) a beer garden (b) the foyer of the Honolulu Hilton or (c) a toilet?
Well done, although how would you have fared if this section were not headed “toilets”? It’s the eco-toilet block in the former armed services property at Georges Heights.



If nature calls while you're walking Owen Street, Glendenning, and you're fussy about what toilet you use, don't panic. You can choose from flush toilets, builders' toilets, chemical toilets, Porta Loos, Regular Super Loos, Fresh Water Flush Super Loos, luxury loos with a/c or whole ablution blocks. Or, to simplify matters, just go behind the tree.

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