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Allan Porter,      Avalon Beach (Sydney) NSW Australia
Had a giggle at on sign that said 'TOELLE St'. I know Alan was ALAN. But I'm Allan frequently saying to people that it's OK if you say "To 'ell' with Allan".

John,      Carbonear, Canada
It's been a pleasure watching Alan over the years walking all over the city suburbs. It was heartbreaking when I read of his death. He sure was a national treasure.

Sonia Testa,      Concord (Sydney) NSW Australia
I just found out about Alan's walks and I just want to say what a great time I had on your website. I really enjoy the captions on the photos too.

Hans Stichter,      Figtree (Wollongong) NSW Australia
It is wonderful to see that Alan's website is a "living" website despite Alan having "moved on" a number of years ago. Always enjoyable to come back to it occasionally. Thank you.

Andrew Kim,      Dundas Valley (Sydney) NSW
Thank you to Alan's family for sharing his adventures and stories. And thank you for opening our eyes to see what a beautiful and diverse city we live in.

Edith,       Pyrmont
Came across this site today and absolutely love the photos and the witty remarks. Thank you Alan for leaving such a wonderful gift to Sydney.

Scott LaPierre,      Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Just stumbled across this site preparing for a trip to Sydney. I am sorry I arrived after Alan's departure. What a beautiful man. He is now one of my heroes.

We didn't know about the following July 2008 quote until January, 2010. It is from http://notreallyaustralian.blogspot.com/2008_07_01_archive.html (near the bottom of the page):
Walk Sydney Streets - The best website about Australia ever. This website made me laugh so hard. You have to go here. If I ever fall out of love with Australia, all I need to do is go to the site and I'll fall in love all over again.

Betsey Brister,      Erskineville, Sydney
It's so good that your father's contribution to health and wellbeing  has outlived him!  I love seeing these pictures.

Stephen Terrill,       Allawah, NSW
Its absolutely inspirational to see somebody like yourself to promote the wholesome goodness as walking, I am too a bit of a walk a holic, your a fantastically charming and funny man. Keep up the excellent work!!!.

Maureen Ramke,       Atherton, Queensland
Such an inspirational person, such a wonderful smile, such a Great Australian. I have only just discovered the site last night hence why at 4 am I am writing this to congratulate you for still adding data for this lovely man.

Dave,       Bondi, NSW
Love the site, guys! My house is in one of the shots! Keep up the good walk!

Otto Sticher,       Dulwich Hill (Sydney), NSW
I regularly visited the site and was inspired by Alan.  As with many others, no doubt, the thought was that if he is able to go walking at his age, I have no excuse to be sitting on my backside.  His whimsy, sense of fun and obvious enjoyment of life made his site great fun and was a guide book to interesting places to visit myself.  I am glad it is being maintained

Allan Porter,       Avalon, NSW
Alan was certainly a individual whose existence was an inspiration. Energy, a positive outlook, humour not only that he enjoyed but shared with others. I will remember him as one of life's great people.

Jenny Davis,        Chelsea Heights, Victoria
He was a wonderful man and a real inspiration. He inspired me to walk every day, I still do, and will think of Alan every day on my walks.

Heidi Saidi,        Cape Coral, Florida, USA
We live in a real retirement area and people are always looking for ways to improve their health. Your Dad has been a real inspiration to them. At our physical therapy office when people feel discouraged and don't want to help themselves we pull up your website and show them that a man 30 years their senior is out there pounding the pavement and they can do it too. He still is very inspirational.

Leanne,        South Yarra, Victoria
I moved to Melbourne about a year ago and the walk sydney website is where I go when I feel homesick. It's so much better than the glamorous photos of Sydney's landmarks that you find on other websites. It's so much more real. And unlike the glossy travel websites, Alan's comes with a sense of humour. Alan leaves a wonderful legacy for Sydneysiders and walkers alike.

Christine Adams      

Alan was so cute and seemed like a genuine human being. Something you don't often see today. He is so inspirational that I cut his story out of the paper and have placed it somewhere where I can refer to it when I need a lift.

Laura Albulario,        Special Reports Writer Nationwide News
I had the pleasure of meeting Alan last year while working as a reporter on the Mt Druitt-St Marys Standard and was absolutely amazed by what he had achieved in his walking mission. Aside from his unique accomplishments, he also struck me as a true gentleman with a positive approach to life that we can all take notes from.
Since my initial meeting with Alan, I have been regularly visiting the Walk Sydney Streets website to check up on his latest feats and delight in his quirky observations. I have no doubt that the legend of Alan Waddell will live on to become a colourful and treasured chapter in Sydney’s history.

Barden Ridge,        NSW
He was truly an inspiration to all people, whatever age, and proved you are only as old or young as you feel.

Alan Wells,       Farmborough Heights NSW
I didn't know Alan, but I felt that he was a personal friend. I looked forward to each email, and he was a great inspiration. I am only a spritely 61 year-old, but if I can have Alan's physical and mental approach to life as I get older, then there is plenty to look forward to.

Heidi, Patrick, Emily, and William Saidi,       Cape Coral, Florida, USA
Alan was an inspiration to so many and he will be sadly missed. Though I'm not yet 40 years old I live in an area of Florida filled with retired people and his promotion of walking got a lot of people off of their chairs and out on the streets. When people would be sitting there feeling sorry for themselves, my 8 and 9 year old children would show them your website and they'd get up and about and back into life again. My family has enjoyed the website immensely and will continue to visit it, using it to motivate others and giggling at the captions attached with each photo.

Kathi,        Harrisonburg, VA, USA
A gentleman who I truly wished I had had a chance to meet in person. An 'unforgettable' person, who brought joy to many across the world that he never met, and an inspiration, whose zest for life always brought a smile to me.

Robin and Anthony,        Telopea, Sydney
He inspired us to get out and walk more and get to know Sydney suburbs better, even our own suburb of Telopea.

Rosalene,        Whangarei, New Zealand
The web site will be his greatest tribute. No, on second thoughts: the healthy, older people he inspired are his tribute.

Irene,        Sans Souci, Sydney
What a wonderful legacy Alan has left us all. Not many can claim to have made such a positive impact on the community. Or to have achieved it so late in life, too.

Ed,        Lancaster PA, USA
If we do go on to another life, besides my family, your dad is at the top of my list for people to meet and know.

Paul Tatnell,       Journalist, Cumberland Newspapers
Alan remains one of my most discussed news items. He is one story I will never forget.

Steve Woodmansee,       Singapore
His site is exactly what the web should be, ordinary people telling amazing stories. I also liked the way Alan didn’t take himself too seriously and that shines through in the web site.

Shelli Bennett       Albion Park, NSW, Australia

My father in Kansas likes to see photos he calls "just as things are" and your site fills the bill perfectly. Not to mention the fact you are quite a character and an inspiration!

Michael Hynes,       Northridge, California, USA
Of all the marvels of the internet, I think yours is the most personal, the most intriguing. It's like a little vacation every time I click on your link.

Heidie,       Cape Coral, Florida, USA
We can't get enough of your website!

Geoff Irons,       Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
One of the best sites I've ever seen - so positive, interesting and easy to use. Yesterday my 22-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son spent time trolling through the site with me, and they loved it.

Bev,       Cabarita, NSW, Australia
I love your site and I am thrilled that so many people from across the world get to see how funny and brilliant our gorgeous city is, with all its quirks.

The very best thing about Alan's site is his humorous take on the everyday, ordinary things he passes by (and his understated wit when faced with not-so-ordinary things). If you are unfamiliar with Sydney, or only have a short time to browse, I suggest you check out the Secrets and Surprises pages. Every time I read them, I end up laughing out loud (even at things I've read numerous times before)!
A warning - his trivia questions are TOUGH!

Coral,       Stanmore, Australia
You are the most inspiring person I have seen on TV for a long time. What a great idea you have given to us all. Now you have influenced me to get up and go exploring this wonderful city of ours.

Gloria,       Victoria, Canada
When I’m feeling down, I go to your Web site, look at the photos of sunny Sydney streets, read the funny captions, and my mood immediately improves

Dr Wong,       Sydney, NSW, Australia
You are amazing. I will recommend your site to all my patients - to inspire them to walk more.

Tanya,        Tasmania, Australia
My mother only died weeks ago and I so wish she had seen your story long ago and been inspired to walk.

Janett, 17,       NSW, Australia
You have inspired me to do something with my life. I now appreciate what a gift it is to be fit and healthy and I am not going to waste that anymore. You have gotten me off the coach and into the world.

Marie Liddicoat
When I'm feeling a little lazy, I always say, "If Mr Waddell can do it, I can do it, too". Then, I just get up and walk. Thank you, sir, you are an inspiration.

Walli Fritz
I am 73 and do not do much walking (medical reasons) but you inspired me to try a bit harder.

Melissa Lucero
You have inspired me and most importantly my parents (who are over 60) to get out.

Joanne Traeger,       FM103.2, Seven Hills, NSW, Australia
Since your visit I have been walking almost every day. Thanks so much for your encouragement and inspiration.

You are an inspiration to me, I am only 65 and will start now.

Jillian Cordeiro,       Hong Kong
You are a true inspiration to those of us who sit in front of a computer the whole day.

Janett,       Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia
hey mate, i just wanted to say a few words for you have inspired me to do something with my life..i am a 17yr old from nsw australia & before reading about you in thats life & visiting your website i didnt do anything with my life. i just wanted to say you are a true inspiration & i now apreciate what a gift it is to be fit & healthy & i am not going to waste that anymore. for a man of your age & condition to not lose your spirit, battle on & have fun while doing it is incredable. i love your pictures of the funny things you have come across on your journeys by the way. i just wanted to say you have gotten me off the coach & into the world. you are one of few greats left in this world. thankyou for you have woken me up to life.

Lorna,      Canberra ACT
It is really good to visit your fantastic website again. Can't believe how much it has grown and expanded. You're truly a champion. I just love looking at your photos and reading the captions. Great sense of humour! You've given many people around the world joy and cheer through your optimistic perspective towards life.

McHugh family,      Rooty Hill, Sydney, Australia
Thank you for such a great website. After seeing you on TV shows and reading about you in magazines I just had to look up your site. My sons aged 12 and 15 also enjoyed about an hour looking at your great photos. You certainly live life to the full and are an inspiration to both young and old.

Seamus O'Leary,      Queensland, Australia
I teach at a middle school in Queensland. What a refreshing website. I can actually show the kids at school what a well planned, fun, interesting and inspiring website looks like. I love your work. Well done.

Lillian,      Normanhurst, Australia
It was a delight to stumble on to your website. You are truly a gem! I would love to be as healthy, energetic, and inspirational as you are as of tomorrow, let alone when I get to your age! Truly amazing!

Cindy,      British Columbia, Canada
Please accept my heartfelt encouragement to continue your awesome work.

Elizabeth,      Sydney, NSW, Australia
What a wonderful webpage. You have inspired me to explore more of my city. I am a town planner, so your discoveries are eye-opening and truly inspiring. I’m glad you appreciate the contribution of the everyday elements of our environment – letterboxes, fences for example.

Christine,      Ipswich, Queensland, Australia
Every now and then I erupt into gales of laughter at the comments you have put beside the photos.

Mark,      Glebe, NSW, Australia
You’re an absolute inspiration! I’ve been walking around your site, amazed, delighted, as well as giggling like a schoolgirl.

Keep it up, you champion. I think you’re a legend.

Nancy,      Ontario, Canada
What a great site. It is so imaginative and lots of fun.. Mr Waddell, you are an amazing man.

Brigitte von Bulow,      Miami, Florida, USA
Your walking and website, the photos and your smile, all of these are a fantastic Australian spirited example of true beauty. Thank you for your stunning achievement and goal. Any chance to publish these in a Waddell book? After all, you are an icon already!

Louise,      London, England
I think you're absolutely fabulous!! Not to mention putting most people a fifth of your age to shame. I submitted your site to www.boingboing.net, one of the most read blogs on the internet, and you feature on there this morning.

Leonardo (25)     , Argentina
I have just found you page. I want to give you my best wishes, and once you finish with Sydney you are invited to walk in Argentina.

Chris,      Toronto, Canada
I stumbled upon your site today and I just had to send you an email. What seems like something so simple is really so amazing, and doing what you do has brought inspiration and good feelings to so many people. Your pictures and commentaries are great. You've done something positive and I sincerely thank you for it.

Justin,      Sydney, NSW, Australia
I look forward to enjoying the rest of your website, it looks fantastic. However I might need to do so at home because the laughter your website induces is drawing attention to me at work!

Graeme,      St Helens, England
What an inspiration you are! Been to Sydney twice and looking at your pictures makes me feel like I am in your wonderful city. Keep walking and clicking mate ! Great web site, love the humour.

Tom,      Mosman, NSW, Australia
My wife and I walk the same route with our dog every evening after work. Being inspired by you, we have already started to "find new routes".

Karen,      Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
I work in a hospital and try to get people up and walking so I might have to use you.

Emma,      Ryde, NSW, Australia
I absolutely love the site, the pictures are fantastic and the comments keep making me laugh out loud! I am seeing some wonderful parts of Sydney that I didn't know existed.

David,      Isle of Lewis, Scotland
Fantastic site, truly inspirational. Walk on.!
Very best regards,

Sarah M,      Allawah, NSW, Australia
I have spent some more time looking through your site (I'm not finished yet) and I am so charmed. I have passed the link onto many friends who have also enjoyed your site. It's an intriguing combination of photo-diary, humour, tour guide and an insight into a remarkable man.

Oliverio,      San Salvador, El Salvador
Let me congratulate you for being an example of real citizenship and for sharing with the rest of the world the beauty of your country.

Lorraine Anderson,      Wanganui, New Zealand
Gosh I think you are just absolutely marvellous - your website is beautiful !

Robert Yee
Alan (dude!) You are the coolest old fella I have ever seen. Those photos of you walking around Sydney just melt my heart. Love ‘em to bits. Keep on rocking mate.

Barbara Bernstein,       Miami, Florida
Your website is one of the most ambitious and beautiful ones I have ever visited. I feel as if I have taken a beautiful tour of your lovely country.

Jane Buckle,       Brisbane, QLD
I am 12 years old. It's great to see what you are doing! I heard about your story on 'Today Tonight' as I flicked the through the channels on television. I just had to stop to hear your story. I am just stunned by how much you have done, Mr. Waddell.

Annie       Ipswich, Queensland, Australia
I am 13 years old. I'm just writing to say congratulations. I'm pretty sure that a lot of people out there are proud of you and I'm sure your family members and friends are too. Also its pretty cool how you know how to work a computer, my mum doesn't even know how to turn one on. I hope you have a long, happy and old life and good luck. (And later:) I went and told my mum that you had wrote back to me and she's like, ' Oh, wow really! ', it was pretty cool.

Kerry K,       Albany Creek, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
I find your site such an interesting place. I go to it daily. I go over and over the photos, because they are so beautiful and I tell so many people about them. It's just like a History lesson.

Max Moffatt,       Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
I was very impressed to see you walk the streets of Sydney on Today Tonight this evening and I think you are a great inspiration to many elderly people of Australia, not saying your old! As said on TV, you are 90 years young! I am 14 years old and I find it a chore just to walk my dog!

Sue McCosker,      Batemans Bay, New South Wales, Australia
I am inspired by your story and your willingness to share it with the world. The photos of the "real" Sydney are fabulous and I love you and your family's sense of humour. I have put your website on my favourites and will be looking forward to continue "walking" Sydney with you!

Caroline Sinclair,       Bomaderry, New South Wales, Australia
I love Sydney, but don't ever have the chance to discover all the places you have discovered. Now I can live vicariously through you, as there are hours and hours of enjoyment to be had through your website. Love your sense of humour, too!

Amy Hobbs,       Devonport, Tasmania, Australia
I just saw you on Today Tonight, and I must say being an active person myself I am pleased to see that people of all ages can keep fit and healthy! Good on ya Al, keep up the good work!

Alicia and Zia,       Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
My 12-year-old daughter and I read your story today in The Sydney Morning Herald (online version) and have spent the last hour enjoying your website. You are a true inspiration, not to mention a very funny person! We wish you more wonderful walks and will visit your website to keep up you with you the only way we can. Tomorrow we're getting up at 6am and walking at least one street!

Steve Woodmansee,       Penang, Malaysia
I discovered your site for the first time today and I just had to tell you how wonderful I think it is. The photos are great and the story is told with a great sense of humour and an eye for the unusual. It is really good to see a site with the real Sydney, not just the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. This is what the internet should be about … people telling interesting stories to the whole world!

Ben Leeson,       Waverton, New South Wales, Australia
Congratulations on being such a great ambassador for Sydney and Australia. I noticed many of your site's visitors are from overseas. No doubt, if they visit they'll be checking out some of the locations featured. That's great, because they'll get off the tourist trail and see the real Sydney. You set a great example for people of all ages.

Alana Jonze,       Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Dood! You are totally rocking! I saw you on the TV and was thrilled to hear your story. You are an ace! Your website is totally cool. I am going to send your web address to my friends in San Francisco.

Michael DeFries,       Picnic Point, New South Wales, Australia
I came across your site from the article in The Sydney Morning Herald. You are an absolute legend. You've given an incredibly interesting view of my home city of Sydney with the photos and witty commentary. I'm 28 years old and have always enjoyed going for a wander around my local suburb but will definitely be getting around to different areas now. Your story is most certainly an inspiration to anyone to just get out there whenever they can and go for a walk. I think you've done more than your share to inspire people to change [Australia's overweight problem].

Dennis Hicks,       Townsville. Queensland, Australia
G'day Alan. You, sir, are a credit to us all. Not only are you the most active 90-year-young human I have seen in my 36 years but also the most mentally astute. If I get to 50 and have half the energy and brain as you I will be a content man! Well done, mate. It's an honour to know you're there.

Jodi Dickson,       Chipping Norton, New South Wales, Australia
I came across your website by accident - and I am so glad I did. My grandfather, an avid walker, used to say that since cars became cheap people have missed out on things that you can only catch on a walk, like the smell of concrete that has just been hosed at sundown on a hot summer's day, the sound of children laughing and the friendly smile of a stranger as you appreciate their garden - all things that used to make his day. I miss him terribly and had forgotten our footpath talks, as we used to call them. Your website brought those wonderful memories back, so thank you. I have two children of my own that I don't do nearly enough walking with, but I am going to visit suburbs you have posted and show them some of your surprises and secrets that I would not have known about.

Edsy,       Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Dood, I was just watching Today Tonight and, man, you are doing so well. So do not give up. By the way, I am nine and I do not really like old people. But, dood, you are fully sick. Make that mad.

Alyshia Peterson,       Muswellbrook, New South Wales, Australia
I am 25 yrs old. I saw you on Today Tonight last night. I really enjoyed the interview and I think you are marvellous! I worked in a nursing home. I love the elderly and I enjoyed every moment working with them. You see the best and the worst of people. I saw a lot give up because they thought they were old and past it. I hope they all saw you because you are an inspiration! You are proof that you are only as old as you let yourself feel and that we hold ourselves back.

Robert Yee,       Drummoyne, New South Wales, Australia
Alan (dude!), you are the coolest old fella I have ever seen. Those photos of you walking around Sydney just melt my heart. Love 'em to bits. Keep on rocking, mate.

Coral Erber,       Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Dear Alan. I think you are the most inspiring person I have seen on T.V for a long time. What a great idea you have given to us all. You have influenced me to get up and go exploring this wonderful city of ours.

Bob T,       Cleveland, Ohio, USA
I enjoyed your picture tour around Sydney very, very much. I was delighted by the commentary accompanying each picture, it was very humorous. The pictures were very clear and with excellent color. All the pictures were very interesting and depicted unique locations. If I ever get a camera I will take pictures of this area and post them on a blog. Of course, I got this idea from your wonderful website. Congratulations on your tour of Sydney at age 89. My regards to you at the beauty and creativity of your website.

Irene C,       Sans Souci, New South Wales, Australia
I have been enjoying a stroll through your site and am sending the url to friends overseas. I’d be delighted to receive notification of any additions to this excellent and fun site.

Shirley,      Midland, Texas, USA
I can imagine seeing this story in Reader’s Digest. It could be very inspiring to the multitudes of people who do very little exercise and complain about even that. It would be a much better story than the ones we are seeing and reading in the media each day. ... Congratulations on completing your 90th suburb. No tour guide could give us a better taste of Sydney. ... Congratulations to you and the photographer! What a goal to see the ordinary and mundane in an exotic way. I am bookmarking your site for any day, not just the terrible ones. Thanks to both of you for your inspiration of the mind and body.

Ed Lada,       Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
I'm feeling great. I believe that your web site has helped how I feel. Every time I leave your site I am in a better mood than when I arrived. I've been telling many people about you …Alan, meeting you on the internet is probably the best thing that has happened to me via the computer and I’ve been online for many years now. You must be getting hundreds if not thousands of emails now from all over the world, but you take time to answer my emails and call me a friend. Thank you!

Doug Schneider,      Valley Park, Missouri, USA
I really enjoyed your website, and find your goals inspiring. Keep up the good work.

Fred Vines,      Bawley Point, New South Wales, Australia
As an 80-year-old daily beach walker I admire your project of keeping fit and showing the world the beauties of Sydney. Good luck. A very worthwhile website.

John Gavin,      Fort Myers, Florida, USA
I want to say what a wonderful website you have. It's a fantastic introduction to Sydney and Australia. I definitely want to visit. It would be nice if people in other touristy places would do a website similar to yours. I’ll be checking back to see what new discoveries you’ve made.

Bobbie Noah,      Conyers, Georgia, USA
What a delightful website! I had great fun walking around with Alan. The "Garden on top of the house” and the “Emma Chisett house” are just two of my favourites. Beautiful pictures, and Go Alan!

Jean,      Livingston, Montana, USA
I found your site most interesting and entertaining.

Connie Hayes,      Emporia, Kansas, USA
What a great idea! I am enjoying the pictures and have saved the site to favorites. Keep up the great fun, and enjoy your beautiful walks. Thanks for sharing the pictures for us to enjoy.

Mark,      Perris, California, USA
What a fun site you all have.

Josu,      Bilbao, Spain
I've downloaded one photo (Tamarama Bay) for my work computer's screen background. Thanks for your photos and keep walking & taking nice photos.

Ken,      Kennewick, Washington, USA
Great photos and a remarkable “young” man of 90!

Tim and Jennifer Preston,      Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Great idea for a website! Thanks for letting us see all the great scenery.

John Yoda,      Albion, California, USA
Absolutely great! Keep it up!

Sandy Boyd,      Nederland, Texas, USA
Gosh, you are fascinating for someone almost 30 years older than me.

Ed,      Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
What a great way to get your exercise. And thanks for sharing your photos and journey with us. Hope I’ll be able to get as much walking done when I’m 89. Right now I’m just a kid of 70. I ride a stationery bike, not a fraction as interesting as your exercise plan!

Paul Becker,      St Louis, Missouri, USA
Keep going, man, I hope you live to be 190! What great scenery, I really have to visit sometime.

Steve Culshaw,      Reading, UK
Excellent site, an inspiration to us all.

Catherine Watkins,      White Rock, British Columbia, Canada
Alan, you are amazing!!! You are an inspiration to all of us!!! What a wonderful treat to see your pictures. Although I think I live in the most beautiful part of the world, your pictures show us a close second.

Helen,      Wisconsin, USA
I had no idea that Australia was so beautiful. Your pictures make me want to visit there.

Margaret and Malcolm Andrade,      Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Keep up the good work and may God bless your efforts.

Kathi,      Virginia, USA
What a wonderful site! Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us. This is what the internet is all about – bringing us closer together. I may never get to Sydney, but you’ve made it possible for me to really see it.

Charles Wilson,       UK
If a bald 90-year-old can do it, so can I!

Dr Petr Prikryl,      Prague, Czech Republic
How admirable is your idea. Thank you for giving me the possibility to walk through Sydney with its secrets and surprises.

Dorothy Keller,      Lake Pak, Georgia, USA
I very thoroughly enjoyed the visit to your webpage. I will be back for followup visits. I am disabled, and can hardly walk, even using a cane. I am 54 years young. Since I cannot walk over about 20 feet before having to rest, I placed the sights on your journey, throughout your town, in my mind, and imagined I could walk along with you. Awesome! I admire you for the determination you have. Thank you for sharing this wonderful adventure with the rest of the world.

Judy,      Garland, Texas, USA
Visiting your website brought a smile to my face!

Marie Mosher,      Long Island, New York USA
I thoroughly enjoyed all your pictures. Bless you! What an encouragement for other seniors. Keep the pics coming.

David and Phyllis,      Lacombe, Louisiana, USA
To see the city in your pictures was a joy. Thanks so much, and keep on stepping!

Patricia Duke,      Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
Everything about this website is brilliant, from the fascinating photos to the witty commentary, and, most especially, its handsome leading man. Good job to all involved, and you can be very proud of your efforts! In fact, gentlemen, dare I say it, I could see a documentary movie coming out of this! Thank you all from a new fan.

Sandra,      Denver, Colorado, USA
You show us a beautiful city where actual people live in actual neighbourhoods and houses. My perception of Australia was previously the opera house and the bridge with fireworks, and, of course, the outback and the big rock where the dingo ate the baby.

John,      Dallas, Texas, USA
You should be congratulated on the inspiration you have provided to couch potatoes all over the world. Your efforts have made me get up from this desk to go for a nice long walk. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

Stephen,      Lewisville, Texas, USA
I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the pictures and especially the commentary. I am only 65. I'm not proud to say that I haven't even walked my own neighbourhood yet. I think that it's time to change things. Thanks for the pleasurable experience and keep up the great work.

Jackie,      Bishop, California, USA
What a joy your site is. I've only just started to explore it but I'm already feeling that I'm getting to know your city. Thank you for your great site and your inspiring efforts and feats!

Richard,       Lodi, California, USA
I've really enjoyed exploring your web site. So many interesting and beautiful places to see.

Curtis,       Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Thank you for the tour of Sydney! It is great to see some of the real Sydney. Congratulations on your accomplishments Mr. Waddell, you are an inspiration!

Matthew D,      Brisbane Queensland, Australia
I'm very impressed with the web page - some of the photos are just fantastic. Whoever set it up has done a very good job. I reckon I could say I've walked every street in my suburb. Somehow I feel that is slightly less significant.

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