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Photos - Sydney West (continued)

Dulwich Hill


What is happening here? The crowd clambers over Dulwich Hill's Union Street wall to get Alan's autograph, or scrambles back to get away from him.
(See next photo)

Dulwich Hill


... answer to above.

Dulwich Hill


Don't look now, Alan, but a weightlifter's bar is about to land on you in Constitution Lane, Dulwich Hill.

Elizabeth Hills

When driving along Dobroyd Drive, Elizabeth Hills, beware of kangaroos about to cross or loitering on the road. Not many Sydney suburbs can boast kangaroo pedestrians.



You should see the bewildered look on Santa’s face each year. In The Parade, Enfield, we have a fireplace in every room.



That’s nothing.
  In Wonga Street, Enfield, we have a fireplace every couple of metres.

Fairfield East


As soon as I can find the way in, I'll make the most of this recently-opened eye-catcher on Woodville Road, Fairfield East.

Fairfield Heights


Alan's store on the corner of Station and Granville Streets, Fairfield Heights, sells Ushel tea.

Fairfield West


Ants are in charge along the whole of the path between Garran and Noelene Streets, Fairfield West.

Fairfield West


Alan in reflective mood. Musgrave Crescent, Fairfield West, has Sydney's best windows.

Fairfield West


The guard dog is so fierce at the corner of Thorney Road and Gregory Street, Fairfield West that they have had to brick it in.

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