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Photos - Sydney West (continued)



A couple of generations ago all doctors’ surgeries advertised their presence with these red lights. Not now. There’s a fear they might attract drug addicts.

Homebush West


A Good Samaritan helping restore the lost load from a truck in the Homebush West markets?
  Or a criminal seizing an opportunity?

Horsley Park


The granny flat with a lake view in Horsley Road, Horsley Park



The monarch of Huntingwood



In Huntingwood Drive, Huntingwood, stands the most modern and lavish fire station we have seen. And so it should be, as it protects a string of giant factories, storage depots and offices, all built since 2000. They include Sharp, Sony, Just Jeans, Arnotts, the Coles/Myer/Target/K-Mart group, Integral Energy and United Distillers. That's not a bad list for one street, is it?



On the Great Western Highway at Huntingwood Alan discovered a relic from the horse transport days—a milepost.

Hurlstone Park


Let me guess. It’s autumn? Hampden Street, Hurlstone Park, shows why the Americans call the season “fall”.

Hurlstone Park


A smorgasbord of bits and pieces combine to make a house of intrigue in Canterbury Road, Hurlstone Park.

Hurlstone Park


Mill Lane, Hurlstone Park, could have been a plain, boring back street like many narrow, forgotten alleys. But look at what the locals have done with it.

Hurlstone Park


Hurlstone Park: And you thought that your street name was a problem!


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