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Photos - Sydney West (continued)

St Marys


If you’re tired of walking and waiting for the St Marys train, you’ll be disappointed to discover it’s just a railway museum.
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St Marys


Here comes the train now. Just spotted it from the Christie Street rail museum in St Marys.
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St Marys


The main museum station is on Hall Road, St Marys.
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St Marys


Trains here use environment-friendly steam engines.
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St Marys


The museum platforms use the old-style destination indicators. Their secret black spot can cause problems for you.
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St Marys


Memory test: See how many of the first three Western Front stations you can memorise.
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St Marys


Well, you scored 67%, not bad for you.
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St Marys


Improved station seating.
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St Marys


Would you like to check out what they’ve done with the old carriages? Union agitation has gained better carriage facilities for train staff.
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St Marys


And, as you know, trains in Sydney’s west are now operated by computer.
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