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Photos - Secrets - Houses (continued)



Sydney's most colourful back yard is in Smith Lane, Manly.

McMahons Point


This fascinating row of houses is typical of the suburb's style a century ago. You could have seen these houses in Webb Street, but you were too slow. Two of them are no more but you can still see others like them elsewhere in McMahons Point.

Melrose Park


And make sure you draw the curtains so no-one can see the car having a wash and changing gear.
Hughes Avenue, Melrose Park.

North Bondi


How would you like to live in this avant-garde ultra-modern place on the corner of Blair Street and Military Road, North Bondi? If you'd like to know more before moving in, feel free to check the next photo here first for the sign that gives info about it.

North Bondi

(See previous photo for decor)

North Bondi


We don’t play many ball games on our front lawn. We’re at the corner of Hastings Parade and Bay Street, North Bondi.

North Curl Curl


Why does the clock inside this Pitt and Robertson Roads house in North Curl Curl face outwards? Is it to tell walkers the time? Is it to make sure the gardener knows when to come in for “Days of Our Lives”?

North Sydney


Excellent work, darling! If that doesn’t scare the burglars away from Margaret Street, North Sydney, nothing will.

North Sydney


A stoic survivor hides just a minute from the centre of North Sydney. It’s on valuable land in Little Alfred Street.

Pendle Hill


Where do you find a new house with a chimney? It’ a rare discovery, and it’s In Levy Street, Pendle Hill.

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