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Photos - Surprises - Mailboxes / Letter-Boxes (continued)

Oxford Falls


Save money by making your own box.

Oxley Park


Always plan ahead, like they do in Gregory Street, Oxley Park. You never know when a year’s mail might be delivered all at once.

Oxley Park


Is this figure in Gregory Street, Oxley Park, a postman or a saint with a halo? Oh, it doesn't matter. Postmen are saints, aren't they?

Oxley Park


Needed in Adelaide Street, Oxley Park: One weather-proof letter box.

Oyster Bay


In Oyster Bay, Coogan Place’s 500-piece mailbox/letter-box

Oyster Bay


Please can I try pushing one? Just one? Oyster Bay Road, Oyster Bay.



What African mammal is born under water, is right-footed, sends its faeces up into the air and claims the most human lives in Africa each year? In Petersham, Fishers Reserve (a street, not a park) has the answer.


plumpton-maibox-with antenna-um.jpg

Flamingo Grove, Plumpton: The antenna is for air mail and the chimney knows what to do with junk mail.



The work that has gone into this box in Sanctuary Park Drive, Plumpton, is stunning.

Potts Point


Darlinghurst Road, Potts Point, must have been inhabited by giants when these mailboxes/letter-boxes were installed in 1861. This one is near an injecting room for drug users at Kings Cross.

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