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It's not long. Very short in Menai.

Middle Cove


An unusual name for a street in Middle Cove.

Millers Point


How could you get your car into Lance Lane, Millers Point, even if you wanted to park there?



In Frederick Street, Miranda, the trees link with their mates…
…even those on the other side of the street.



Boundary Road, Mortdale, is a main road but the rail bridge is so narrow that traffic can only go in one direction at a time. That doesn't help.

Neutral Bay


This idyllic street is just behind the main road shops, but the locals and most street directories don't know its name. (But you do - it's Yeo Lane.)


Mediation session in Newington
Joe: Let's call it The Avenue.
Emma: It's only a lane.
Facilitator: I have a suggestion …


North Parramatta


When it comes to writing your address, would you rather live here or in the street with Sydney's longest name, Bankstown District Sports Club Drive?

North Parramatta


Just a coincidence? North Parramatta's lesson in Chemistry (but not Spelling).

North Sydney


As space is so expensive, why don’t all city streets copy the lead from the public road Doohat Lane, North Sydney?

North Willoughby


The council covering North Willoughby has come up with a novel way to overcome the cumbersome business of thinking up names for its lanes. You might like to visit Lane W21 between High and Neville Streets. But why stop there when W117 is waiting? Or the record-holder, W164, in neighbouring Chatswood? There's a prize for you if you send us a photo of any of Lanes W1 to W7.

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