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Photos - South (continued)

Peakhurst Heights


The residents of Rainbow and Sunshine Parades, Peakhurst Heights, put up the welcoming decorations for Alan’s progress through their suburb.

Peakhurst Heights


Found in Vista Avenue, Peakhurst Heights: an old drain cover. What does MWS &DB stand for? The Metropolitan Water, Sewerage and Drainage Board was the old name for the government authority that was renamed Sydney Water. That was a good move, reducing the number of words from six to two and the number of letters from 41 to 11.

Phillip Bay



It's no secret that Botany Cemetery is in Phillip Bay - it covers about half the suburb. The secret is what's inside it. This Italian/Greek section is stunning, with well-kept graves all bearing fresh colourful flowers.

Pleasure Point


It is indeed a pleasure point. See this in a park at the bottom of Pleasure Point Road, Pleasure Point.

Potts Hill


After his arrest for trespassing on Sydney Water's property, which takes up half of the suburb Potts Hill, Alan claimed there were insufficient warning signs at the Rookwood Road entrance.

Ramsgate Beach


Typical roads in Ramsgate Beach are so wide that you could build blocks of units down the middle of them and still have room for swimming pools and tennis courts. Alan has successfully crossed one half of Florence Street; he is now taking a breather before tackling the dividing bush and then the other side of the divided road just visible at far left.

Revesby Heights


Honour guard in Boomerang Reserve, on the Georges River. It's at sea level, so it's called Revesby Heights.

Revesby Heights


Easily 80 per cent of the houses in Revesby Heights are of wood construction. These houses are in Moratai Avenue



How often do you see a completely black bus? Especially one that winds up down? (See next photo)



How often do you see a completely black bus? Especially one that winds up down?

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