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Photos - Sydney South (continued)



Ruse has Sydney's shortest suburb name, an honour it shares with Como, Raby and Ryde. That's a bit easier to type than South Wentworthville.
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The full address is even more encouraging. Which address would you prefer?
Bent Place, Ruse
Great Western Highway, South Wentworthville
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And you were right in assuming that Bent Street would be perfectly straight.
(Also see the previous two photos)



Peter Depena Reserve at Sandringham is part of the excellent preservation of public foreshore land from here to Kyeemah.

Sandy Point


For once I was right: I guessed that with a name like Sandy Point, there would be no sand here.

Sandy Point


Look who's partying in St George Crescent, Sandy Point, until dawn!

Sandy Point


Jean and Jannah, two of the delightful ladies who help keep Sandy Point the charming oasis that it is: free of unnecessary overgrowth, rubbish, shops and noise (except for the pre-dawn cockatoos).

Sandy Point


This vacant house has Sandy Point's prime position, right on the water's edge at the end of St George Crescent.

Sans Souci


Why has this house number in Rocky Point Road, Sans Souci, so faint? Oh, or course! 666 is the Biblical number of the beast. 'Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.' (Revelation 13:18)
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Sans Souci


And their neighbours are keen to emphasise they're not 666.
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