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Photos - Surprises - Houses (continued)

Gymea Bay


Save your air fare to Switzerland! Just go to the corner of Vernon Avenue and Ellesmere Road, Gymea Bay

Gymea Bay


Instead of looking at more silly photos, do something constructive: count the number of bricks here in Conjola Avenue, Gymea Bay.

Gymea Bay


This is the only time that I've seen a place so helpful that they provide not only the house number, but the street name and even the suburb.

Harris Park


Identical fences, stained-glass windows, neat awnings, fancy pillars, houses with the "cared-for" look. Put them all together and you have Albion Street's contribution to Harris Park's 150-year-old heritage area.

Hornsby Heights


It's quite a climb in Mullion Close, Hornsby Heights, just to get under the house.

Horsley Park


Horsley Park's car park is in Walworth Road. Perfect for when you invite people for a huge gas eat.

Hunters Hill


In Alexandra Street, Hunters Hill, trespassers will be …
(See the next photo)

Hunters Hill


(Also see the previous photo)

Huntleys Point


The record for the number of times a house number is displayed must be in Huntleys Point. It's nine, and that's after six have escaped. Huntleys Point Road, Huntleys Point.
(Also see the next photo)

Huntleys Point


And, yes, the tiny black square is a 5 too.
(Also see the previous photo)



It’s not very often you get the chance to inspect under a house, especially from the street. You can in The Circle, Jannali.

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