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Photos - Surprises - Houses (continued)

Neutral Bay


Neutral Bay's best chimney graces Shellcove Road.

Neutral Bay


Nature's choice of colours in Ben Boyd Road, Neutral Bay.

Neutral Bay


Built in 1838, and almost double Alan's age, this stone cottage stands defiantly in Nook Lane, Neutral Bay.

Neutral Bay


Just round the corner, in Nook Avenue, stands what is doubtless Neutral Bay's narrowest house. It's aged not much more than a day for every one of the Nook Lane house's years.

Neutral Bay


Wycombe Road, Neutral Bay, has a smorgasbord of towers and turrets from the 19th century. Dartmouth's circular windows date from around 1885.

Neutral Bay


Shellcove Road, Neutral Bay: And this is our roof:

Neutral Bay


Sandwiched between the outward and inward lanes of the main thoroughfare to the northern beaches are these tiny 19th century houses. Discover them in Neutral Bay where Falcon Street becomes Military Road, and check where you would park on your property if you purchased one.



They're tiny, one-bedroom cottages, but giants of charm in Lennox Street, Newtown.

North Balgowlah


The most impressive house number we have seen is immaculately carved into rock in St Pauls Road, Balgowlah.

North Curl Curl

north-curl-curl-crooked house-storey-uh.jpg

I'm never going to use your crane company again. You didn't lower it properly.
Makim Street, North Curl Curl.

North Narrabeen


At our place in Nareen Parade, North Narrabeen, we race each other up the steps then slide back down the chute. It’s heaps of fun.

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