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Photos - Surprises - Fences (continued)

Dee Why


Like a cross between a giant caterpillar and centipede, a Moorilla Street fence crawls up a Dee Why hill.

Dee Why


Prescott Avenue boasts Dee Why’s steepest hill. It also has Dee Why’s most sensible fence, which delineates the property boundary without blocking any of the view.

Denistone East


Lovely Lovell Road residents have provided tired Denistone East walkers with seating. With backrests, yet!

Denistone West


Helpful information is provided in Mirool Street, Denistone West, for those who don't know what a gate is.

Double Bay


Since this fence is protecting the Finnish consulate in New South Head Road, Double Bay, we can only assume that it is the latest in high-tech high-security that pretends to be a large, apparently natural, hedge.



Next time you visit us in Drummoyne Avenue, Drummoyne, ensure that you follow our order of priority:
1.       Open gate.
2.       Drive in.



Lyons Road, Drummoyne: Your writing isn't perfect, dear, but you shouldn't practise on someone's wall.

Dulwich Hill

It's always Christmas in Macarthur Parade, Dulwich Hill.

Dulwich Hill


Sales reps are welcome to our home in Kroombit Street, Dulwich Hill, as long as they use the front gate.

Dulwich Hill

At 94 I can still jump over a fence, as I proved in Dixson Street, Dulwich Hill.

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