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Photos - Surprises - Fences(continued)

South Granville


Clyde Street’s jigsaw puzzle - South Granville.

South Granville


The fence that’s fenced in. Otherwise it would gradually roll down Clyde Street, South Granville.

South Granville


Montgomery Avenue, South Granville, is Sydney's best for ancient walkers. Correct-height fences are thoughtfully provided the whole way on both sides.

South Wentworthville


We were hoping a resident of this house in Hayes Avenue, South Wentworthville, would emerge so we could ask why the extra fence forming a narrow grass strip.

South Wentworthville


Maybe it’s a local specialty. The path at the top of Alto Street, South Wentworthville, boasts a double fence too.

St Leonards


Reserve Road, St Leonards: Don't you dare say that my new brackets on the Gore Hill Oval fence aren't holding! Oh, no, sir. I wouldn't say that. We only did a sample check, sir, and that sample was holding well, sir.

St Peters

Maybe it's safer inside this yard in Roberts Street, St Peters.

Tennyson Point


An appropriate fence for Beach Street, Tennyson Point



Hedge Staff Manager
· Supervision of 23 staff
· Organisation of overtime
· Payment of night and weekend shift allowances
· Preparation of mission and vision statements
Apply at Black Street, Vaucluse

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