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Photos - Surprises - Fences (continued)



Did you never get to see the Berlin Wall? Never mind. The Newington Wall will give you the same emotional experience. The Berlin Wall was long (107km) and high (4m), stopped East Berliners from fleeing to West Berlin and bisected access routes. The Newington Wall is long (500m) and high (2m), stops Silverwater residents and factory workers from fleeing to Newington and bisects access routes. Try scaling the Blue Gum Place and (see below) Wattle Walk sections.



The Wattle Walk sections - see above for details).

North Balgowlah


Gate shelters such as this in Warringah Street, North Balgowlah, are useful if you take a long time to decide whether to enter. They also form an imposing introduction to the property.

North Manly


Do you remember, when you were young, trying to kiss through the paling fence?
  At William Street, North Manly, is the ultimate reminder of a disappearing feature of suburbia.

North Manly


Don't complain that we've got the wrong fence type. Brick, concrete, wood - we've got them all covered at North Manly.

North Narrabeen


At least the rocks fall tidily on the path to Narrabeen Head, North Narrabeen.

North Parramatta


Church Street, North Parramatta: No way are they going to stop me from getting in. I’ll break the lock and force the gate open if I have to (see next photo).

North Parramatta



North Parramatta


We don't want people walking through the gate. Please climb over the fence.

North Parramatta


A clever 2-metre long plaster watch dangles from the front fence of a house in Bourke Street, North Parramatta. (You haven't got time for such nonsense, have you?)

North Sydney


I bought this house in North Sydney as soon as I learned that my mother-in-law is a sleep-walker.

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