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Photos - Surprises - Signs (continued)

Crows Nest


Doors in Shirley Road, Crows Nest, are defiantly trying to hold out against human invasion.

Crows Nest


It’s obvious what is meant, but it still looks odd, doesn’t it? In Crows Nest, Ernest Lane is just one example.
But can we do better? Yes we can.

Crows Nest



Half price in Pacific Highway, Crows Nest, is very impressive. But you can do lots better in Nicholson Place, Crows Nest. And even that’s nothing. Look just round the corner in Falcon Street, Crows Nest, for the record and see what these stores are up to!

Crows Nest

crows-nest-sign-street-number-not name-usg.jpg

Personal service in the business section of Hume Street, Crows Nest: not who we are, but where you are

Crows Nest


The Pacific Highway at Crows Nest shows how written English has changed since my school days.

Croydon Park


Croydon Park’s Portland Street has a survivor of the sign that adorned many Sydney shops decades ago.

Croydon Park


Bark lark in Hay Street, Croydon Park.

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