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Photos - Sydney East (continued)

Canada Bay


Remember half a century ago when our washing lines provided choice of angles? They still do in Maple Close, Canada Bay.

Canada Bay


You can’t have a much narrower footpath or a house closer to the road. But this is no lane or side street; it’s the very busy Queens Road in Canada Bay. There is a city, a suburb and a bay named Canada Bay. (The blue line was used to show the route for the runners in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Marathon.)

Centennial Park


"Why didn't I think of riding every street in 200 suburbs?" asks Alan as Centennial Park hosts a cycle race.

Centennial Park


Centennial Park (a suburb as well as a park) is to Sydney like Central Park is to New York, although ours is smaller. The Grand Parade looks even grander after rain.

Centennial Park


Don’t look now, Janelle, but those dopey ducks are playing follow the leader again (in Centennial Park).



A piece of history from the former Lysaght Engineering Works, now part of the massive Meriton complex on Blackwall Point Road, Chiswick.



A rough rock track takes you to the Shark Point cliff edge above Clovelly Bay.



On a sunny morning hundreds of Waverley Cemetery tombstones are illuminated on the cliff beside Boundary Street, Clovelly.



I am not sure why Beach Street, Clovelly, has a red and white barber's pole.

Concord West


Number 18 Nullawarra Avenue must be on the outskirts of Melbourne.



Greeting the dawn in Dunningham Reserve, Coogee.

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