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Photos - Sydney East (continued)



I told you it was your turn to bring the ruler, you dork! Brompton Road, Kensington, will never look the same again.

Millers Point


The historic Garrison Church is at the top of Argyle Street, Millers Point.

Millers Point


What’s the yellow ball for? Ask below it at Sydney Observatory.

Millers Point


Check out the Millers Point lanes, such as High Lane (just visible top left) and Argyle Lane, which Alan is walking down, for a different look at the city.

Moore Park


Moore Park is both a suburb with 100 or so houses and a giant park, seen here equally well upside down.

Moore Park


While walking Anzac Parade, Moore Park, Alan detoured into Sydney Boys’ High School, the first time he had been in their grounds since he was a student there 73 years ago. He pointed out the location of the canteen. No mention of the science block, library or anything else educational, just the canteen.



Pagewood has one of Sydney’s few railway level crossings. The industrial line to Port Botany splits Banksia Street.

Point Piper


We all know it as a domain of the rich and famous – Wolseley Road, Point Piper. Down a steep set of steps from this road and we come to Duff Reserve on the point after which the suburb is named.

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