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Photos - Secrets - Streets (continued)

Lavender Bay


The narrow Middlemiss Street, next to the overhead rail approach to North Sydney station



And the name of your lane?
It's Nott Lane.
Well, the name of your street, avenue or whatever.

Lovett Bay


Check your street directory for Lovett Bay, and you will see there's a roundabout on the main drag, Sturdee Lane. Alan is standing on the safety island in the middle of the dirt roundabout.



Maianbar is a tiny, hidden suburb surrounded by the Royal National Park, the world’s second-oldest national park, declared as such in 1879.
  Our car waits patiently while we take this photo for you of Pacific Crescent, Maianbar’s main shopping street.



Sydney's most dangerous bend must be on Maianbar Road, Maianbar.

McCarrs Creek


McCarrs Creek has only one street, but as the suburb has no cars, the street hasn't been granted a name.
(Also see next three photos)

McCarrs Creek


Street X gets better…
(Also see previous and next two photos)

McCarrs Creek


and reaches its climax at this turn-around point with its own private road that's not exactly flat.
(Also see previous two and next photos)

McCarrs Creek


McCarrs Creek "Private Road"
(Also see previous three photos)

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