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Where do you find a gutter that cheats and takes a short cut? In Jarvie Avenue, Petersham.



Westbourne Lane, Petersham:
"Dad, our usual parking place for the boat is taken."
"Well, find another place for it, why don't you."

Pitt Town


Welcome to Davis Lane, the second-busiest street in Pitt Town Bottoms, a suburb according to street directories but defined as a locality and part of Pitt Town by the Geographic Names Board.
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Pitt Town

Most of the giant Pitt Town Bottoms properties are unfenced, as here in Davis Lane.
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Pitt Town

Davis Lane has character of its own.
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Pitt Town

We're now at the end of Davis Lane. This must be waiting shed for passengers of the express bus service.
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Pitt Town

Just in case you thought Davis Lane went a bit further.
(Also see previous four photos)

Potts Point


Negotiate this entrance to a garage at the Hughes Place rear of Wayside Chapel, Potts Point, and you’ll never complain about your driveway again.

Queens Park


This is where Bourke Lane intersects with Bourke Lane. Yes, Bourke Lane (east to west) intersects with another Bourke Lane going north to south. If that’s not enough for you, there’s yet another, third, Bourke Lane, parallel to and just 70 metres from the north-south Bourke Lane. Still not satisfied? Then Bourke Street is only another 70 metres away. Who would be a postie in Queens Park?

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