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Photos - Secrets - Gardens (continued)



Just what every avant-garde garden needs: its own personal pole. Blytheswood Avenue, Warrawee.

Warwick Farm


Here's the garden with everything: windmills, wells, gnomes and pot plants. It's worth a trip to Tripp Street, Warwick Farm.



A main intersection in Brennan Park, Waverton.



Ellengowan Crescent, Whalan: Nice garden, nice car, nice grandmother.



Nearly time to mow the wall in Smith Street, Woollahra



I've not seen so much colour in any other suburb. Windamere Avenue, Woodcroft, has some of the best.



It’s a long climb to this house in Geraldton Place, Yarrawarrah, but the half-way shady rest stop, probably with snack bar and refreshment rooms, makes the task so much easier.

Yowie Bay


No mail box in Sydney has a more cared-for ambience than in Coolum Place, Yowie Bay.


Answers to Petersham’s Croydon Street Safari trivia quiz (see the earlier Secrets | Garden page for questions):
(1) Both the fur and skin of a tiger are striped.
(2) Tigers are native to Asia, not Africa, so their African population has remained much the same, ie nil.
(3) Tigers sleep for about as long as we’re awake, 17 hours.
(4) The speed you should run at to escape a lion is 0km/h. If you stand still, you confuse a lion. If you run, it assumes you are prey.

If you would like more trivia, hundreds more free questions and answers await you here.

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(End of Secrets - Gardens)

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