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Photos - Secrets - Gardens (continued)

Pennant Hills


It takes quite a while to mow our house on the corner of Brittania Street and The Crescent, Pennant Hills.



Petersham's Croydon Street Safari trivia quiz:
(1) Do tigers have striped fur, striped skin or striped fur and skin?
(2) Has the tiger population in Africa's wilderness decreased, increased or stayed much the same in the past 50 years?
(3) For how long to tigers and lions sleep each 24 hours?
(4) At what speed should you run to escape from a lion?
Follow this safety trail to the last page of the garden section to the answers refuge.

Pitt Town


Garden row in Old Pitt Town Road, Pitt Town.
Maybe they should consider putting water in the boat, not the boat into the water.

Pitt Town

Will we have enough flowers for the wedding? Schofield Road, Pitt Town.



Plumpton's plant-populated portico

Port Hacking


The suburb Port Hacking is on Port Hacking. (This web-site is just loaded with useful information.) It has lavish jungle gardens, like this one in Shiprock Road. Lavish jungle gardens are no big deal, except this one is on a house roof.



Free range hens in Telford Place, Prairiewood.
But prairie/wood? That’s as possible as expensively cheap.



Always paint your trees, like we do in Cobra Place, Raby. It sure helps people find your house.

Ramsgate Beach


The road divide leading to the roundabout is impressive. Ramsgate Road, Ramsgate Beach.

Ramsgate Beach


(see previous photo)

Regents Park


The railway embankment at Dawes Avenue, Regents Park, was a rubbish tip - an awful eyesore. Look what happened when the rail authorities let 77-year-old Olga loose. Her miraculous transformation won four first-prizes in garden competitions.

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