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Photos - Sydney West (continued)



I’ve had enough of walking Newington’s Narawang Wetland. I’m not moving another metre, no matter what.



Does Newington’s Narawang Wetland have Sydney’s most unusual picnic site? There’s no view, but seating for 100, little chance of long toilet queues and ample rubbish bins. Plus the comforting sound of highway traffic on the bridge above you.

North Parramatta


It sure is a mixed business in Webb Street. North Parramatta: (see next photo)

North Parramatta


- fruit mingles with car parts.
(Also see previous photo)

North Parramatta


If you want a choice of religious education, try Masons Drive, North Parramatta. First up are the Redeemer Baptists...
(Also see the next four photos)

North Parramatta


...who offer students a focus...
(Also see the previous photo and the next three photos)

North Parramatta


...and a tower of strength.
(Also see the previous two photos and the next two photos)

North Parramatta


Between the Redeemer Baptists and the Tara Anglicans is the Uniting Church's theological college. They're across the road from the Anglican Church's The King's School, which opened in 1832. Masons Drive doesn't seem to be Sydney's atheist stronghold.
(Also see the previous three photos and the next photo)

North Parramatta


At the top of Masons Drive is Tara, which has been educating for a neat 111 years.
(Also see the previous four photos)

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