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Photos - Sydney North (continued)



Don't make any noise. It upsets the chewing gum. Wrigley's holds two records: it was the first product to have a bar code and it dominates its market like no other (98.6% of the chewing gum market). The company's Sydney office is in Michigan Avenue, Asquith.



So you’re keen on sea breezes? I’d recommend Balgowlah’s walk around North Harbour.



In Balgowlah, Balgowlah Road people know the appropriate way to welcome Alan.

Beauty Point


Long Bay from Bay Street in an aptly-named Beauty Point.

Berowra Waters


I think I’ll leave the Newcastle bit until tomorrow, but you might like to do this magnificent bush walk joining two NSW cities. http://www.thegreatnorthwalk.com/

Berowra Waters


They keep saying that I'm round the bend. I hope this is what they mean. At Berowra Waters Road, Berowra Waters, this is near the Great North Walk which goes all the way from Sydney to Newcastle.

Bilgola Beach


Bilgola Beach’s South Head stands fortress-like against the charge of the Pacific Ocean. But for how much longer?

Bilgola Plateau


My wife and I hope that we don’t arrive simultaneously at our Bilberry Avenue intersection.

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