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Photos - Sydney North (continued)

Huntleys Cove


You should have been here when it landed! The new bus waiting shed is on Victoria Road, Huntleys Cove.

Huntleys Point


Tens of thousands drive over Gladesville Bridge every day. To see what’s under it, enjoy the drive along Huntleys Point Road, Huntleys Point.

Kellyville Ridge


Where to drink on Windsor Road, Kellyville Ridge.
The Ettamogah Pub is well known as a cartoon pub that was featured in the now defunct Australasian Post magazine.
(Also see next photo)

Kellyville Ridge


Where to drink on Windsor Road, Kellyville Ridge.
(Also see previous photo)

Kings Langley


Blacktown Council is very kind in providing lots of facilities for pedestrians to choose from. This one's off Solander Road.




Waruda Avenue, Kirribilli, squeezes a view across the harbour to the city.



McDougall Street, Kirribilli, has a purple patch in early November each year as the jacaranda trees bloom.



Under arrest and maybe soon behind bars: a suspicious character is detained outside the prime minister’s residence. The helpful officers will doubtless do the same for you if you check out Kirribilli Avenue, Kirribilli.

Kurraba Point


The only access to the Kurraba ferry wharf for your fishing is via 90 steps from Kurraba Road.
And the penalty for fishing there is having to climb 90 steps back.

Lane Cove


At Lane Cove, wise birds practise social distancing.

Lane Cove


Rest and reflection at 84 Austin Street, Lane Cove – my home from 1943 to 1963.

Lane Cove


After nearly 90 years of hearing his surname mis-pronounced in a certain way ("Waddle"), Alan felt quite at home next to this sign in Best Street, Lane Cove.

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