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Photos - Sydney North (continued)

Dee Why


And which tennis shed would you like to book for afternoon tea between your sets in Campbell Avenue, Dee Why? There's this facility at court 1.
(Also see next eight photos)

Dee Why


Or you might prefer the court 2 shed.
(Also see previous photo and next seven photos)

Dee Why


Or the recommended one, here at court 3.
(Also see previous two photos and next six photos)

Dee Why


What about the deluxe court 4 version?
(Also see previous three photos and next five photos)

Dee Why


Still not up to your requirements? Court 8 maybe then?
(Also see previous four photos and next four photos)

Dee Why


Here we are. Court 11. View included.
(Also see previous five photos and next three photos)

Dee Why


My, but you're hard to please. Court 12?
(Also see previous six photos and next two photos)

Dee Why


Court 13 isn't recommended unlucky number. The shed could fall in on you.
(Also see previous seven photos and next photo)

Dee Why


Last chance. Option 14. Take it or leave it.
(Also see previous eight photos)



Every decade or so, Australia tries to change its flag. Anzac Avenue, Denistone, will have none of that. But we could consider a new flag combining the main features of the flags of Nepal (triangular), Libya (all green) and India (includes a wheel).

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